Loving and training a dog  is all about being in RHYTHM with them,

Welcome to Rhythm N Blues Weimaraners.

Style  *  Grace *  Structure * Quality * Versatility * Obedience  * Strength * Health* Hunt


RnB enjoys training and competing in

American Kennel Club   (AKC)

        Agility,  Obedience,  Hunt test,  Tracking,   Rally,   Lure Coursing Ability, Scent work

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Assoc.   (NAVHDA)

        Natural Ability

International All Breed Canine Assoc.    (IABCA)

         International & National Champion (Conformation)

Barn Hunt Association   (BHA)

        All levels and C8

United States Dog Agility Assoc.   (USDAA)


Weimaraner Club of America (WCA)

      Agility , Obedience , Tracking

United kennel club   (UKC)

  Conformation and Nose work

North American Dock Diving   (NADD)

   All Levels Novice- Junior

   Qualified for Regionals 2020!!

Also Members of the following clubs:

BWCA:   Blue Weimaraner Club of America

OVDTC:  Ouachita Valley Dog Training Club (board member, and instructor)

DKC:   Darbonne Kennel Club

NAVHDA:  North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

Covey loves the water!

Our weims can bring you ribbons, birds, and endless love.

Weimaraners come in various shades-   Silver, Gray & Blue.  They also come in short and long hair variety.   Common misconception is that Blues and long hairs are rare or hard to find.   The truth is Quality is hard to find.    

Even if we don't have a litter at the time you wish,  we will happily help guide you to a QUALITY breeder that is approved by WCA (Weim club of America)   or  BWCA  (Blue Weim Club of America).


 Weimaraners are NOT right for every home.   Not only is it critical for you to search for a Quality breeder, it is MORE important for you research this breeds characteristics and needs before purchasing.   Example: Very hyper hunting dog not meant for apartment living.



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