International All Breed Canine Association  (IABCA)

This is a conformation competition that allows blue Weimaraners to compete in despite blue being a disqualifying fault.   The disqualifying coat color prevents blues from competing in AKC conformation shows.

Covey earned her title of International Champion quickly in Sept of 2013.   She earned 1st place in each show.  


North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association  ( NAVHDA) 

Covey thoroughly enjoy her time training and competing in this Natural Ability Test.  May 2013 we made our long journey to Huntsville, MO. 

Covey earned her NA prize 3.  We didn't earn a Prize 1 because we had to use a bird retrieve  for the swimming portion.   This was such a great learning  experience and a blast to achieve with my blue girl.  


Barn Hunt Association  (BHA)

BHA is a relatively new craze hitting the dog world.  This is a fun competition where dogs do what they are meant to do-   SNIFF!    Sniff what, you ask?    For RATS!  yes.   Rats are in hard containers so no harm comes to the rat, dog or human.  

In Oct 2013 was Covey's first BHA weekend in Fort Worth, Texas,  Covey went 5 for 5.   She passed her Instinct test, which gives her the title of RATI.   She also earned her RATN title.   We are excited to try Open level. 



AKC Rally.

Covey started her rally shows in Nov 2013.  Despite it being her first time in the rally ring, she finished her weekend with 2 wins in novice rally.   One more win and she will add    NA    to behind her registered name.

 AKC Agility, Tracking, Obedience!

Currently we are training and are very excited for our future shows.




Oct 2013 in Tennessee, Covey competed in her first AKC Junior Hunt test.  She quickly earned 2 passing legs/wins.   Covey finished her JH title in Alvord, Texas in Dec of 2013..    She proved her self and her love of birds in just two shows before the age of 2.!



Covey put those legs to good use. We had one opportunity to attend a coursing ability test on our way home from a show.   She did better than the site hounds that were competing!  She was never more than about 24inces from the Lure!   Covey wanted to run the course several times!    We earned one leg.  We need two more for her title!   These tests are hard for us to find close enough to drive.

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