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My name is Cristi and currently I live in a small country town in north central Louisiana.  Raising and training APHA horses on a peaceful 40acres. The animals and I consider it heaven on earth. 

Weimaraners have been in my life for the last 15yrs years.  Training and rescue weims was my main focus for many years.  A very special blue weimaraner arrived and changed my life.  This was such an amazing dog, I felt he had to be shown to the weimaraner world. 

With this website, we will share our experience with you. Hope you will fall in love with weimaraners as much as I have.

I plan on breeding him for my first litter in a few years.   My female is under 2years old and is starting her show career till she is old enough to complete all the recommend health tests.   My goal is to develop healthy, versatile weims with correct structure. Cooper is a BWCOA approved stud. He is available for stud.  Please contact us with info on the bitch, including photos. 

  A weim can be or do anything you want, but you MUST put the training and love into him. 

Weimaraners can be the perfect pet or your worst nightmare.  Please do research. There are wonderful websites that are extremely helpful. Volunteer to foster a weim in a rescue to make sure your house and family is ready.    


A Special note:

Cooper has been listed in Front and Finish magazine 2009, 

A page article in Weim Club of Australia's magazine (June/July 2010). 

He has competed in WCA Nationals in agility and obedience since 2010.




Cooper earns his first 2 JH legs

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